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2nd Annual Peace Love Story Fest Lineup

We are ready!

The Peace Love Story Fest – Transforming Community tickets are available online. There are a variety of choices so that you can pick the best plan for you. Contact Zette or Grisel with any questions. It all begins….

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Saturday evening from 6 – 7 pm at Los Osos Valley Nursery

An outdoor, family storytelling session featuring Baba the Storyteller and Zette Harbour. You can purchase a ticket for this show individually or as part of the Full Festival Pass.

Los Osos Valley Nursery is our gracious host and after the performance we will roast marshmallows at the coolest mud oven in SLO County. This will be the first of many delightful events at the Nursery, as they are constructing a brand new amphitheater and we get to share it with you.

A HUGE thank you to Hope Merkle and family ūüôā


Sunday Main Performance from 1:30 – 3:30 pm at the South Bay Community CenterPLSF long flyer

You can purchase a ticket to the Sunday Main Performance only, or as part of the All Day Sunday, or Full Festival Pass.

1:30 pm We are thrilled to feature a fairly new voice on the Central Coast, Dylan Nicholson. This guy’s voice and lyrics will knock your socks off. A native of North Carolina, Dylan stole the smoke out of the Great Smokies and sings it out in every tune.

1:50 pm Local heretic and award-winning storyteller, Zette Harbour raises story from the deep and makes it dance before your eyes. Experience potent moments in her tales of delight and wonder that will remain with you long after the show. Story is powerful – come get charged up.

2:30 pm We are so excited that the dynamic duo, Ranchers For Peace are kickin’ it with us again. Powerful new tunes, voices that melt your heart, and, a message that will expand your mind and empower your soul.

2:50 pm Djeliba Baba the Storyteller enacts the rich story of the griot with the sweet sounds of kora music, the wit of ¬†his incisive tales, and his energizing repartee. Baba’s performance is a bountiful offering of joy, wisdom and love – an experience not to be missed.


The Rest of The Story

Tickets for Saturday Evening and the Sunday Main Performance can be purchased separately, or as part of a package. We have a Full Festival Pass or the All Day Sunday ticket.

All Day Sunday ticket includes:

10:30 am Opening Ceremony

11 am Workshops: choose 1

Grisel sm

The Story of Tea

led by mujer sabia de la comunidad,

Grisel Puig Snider




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The Art of Storytelling

with Baba the Storyteller





12 pm Attend or participate in one of our Story Swaps

12:45 pm Lunch is served! Soup & Bread Bar. Fans of simpler fare will find cheese pizza, fruit and dessert available as well. Lunch is included in the Full Festival Pass and the All Day Sunday ticket. Lunch can also be purchased separately.

1:30 pm The Main Performance

3:30 Farewell til’ next time.


Have It Your Way ūüôā

Choose which ever package or ticket that ‘s right for you. The Full Festival Pass¬†allows you to attend any or all of the sessions, so we hope that you will join us for the whole ride. As Grisel says, “do you want to live in this community, or do you want to BE this community?”

Z n G seatedWe can’t wait to see you.